Fiumicino Airport Restrooms





Lea Ceramiche Collection

Slimtech RE-evolution

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Studio Muzi & Associati

The most beautiful restrooms in the world are made with Lea Ceramiche


A recent article in Business Insider, a well known American website providing financial and business news, awarded first place to the restrooms at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome, clad in Slimtech RE-evolution by Lea Ceramiche.

Matthew DeBord was so struck by the feel of the airport’s restrooms that he equated them to an exclusive location.
“Their design and decorations,” wrote the author, “make you feel like you are in a high-end restaurant ”.

Curated by Studio Muzi&Associati, the design of the space involved prestigious partners from the world of high-end Made in Italy products, for an architectural result that brings together both aesthetics and functionality.



Beginning with the cladding of the walls in Slimtech RE-evolution by Lea Ceramiche.

The ultra-thin slabs, only 3.5mm thick, are the latest accomplishment in the ceramic sector. The result of advanced technology that has revolutionised traditional manufacturing processes, they are extremely lightweight and come in extra large formats measuring up to 3m x 1m.

In warm beige tones and characterised by a soft and enveloping texture, the large modules lend a natural and intimate atmosphere to the environment.

Each slab faithfully reproduces the brushed appearance characteristic of resin surfaces: uneven movements, reproduced in glossy and semi-matte textures.