Okko Hotel Paris

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Porte de Versailles - Paris

Lea Ceramiche Collection

Slimtech Lines and Waves

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Patrick Norguet

The first Okko Hotel has opened in Paris. This innovative chain of hotels, created from an idea by Olivier Devys in 2009, is dedicated to travelers who love design and are attentive to quality service but at an affordable price.

The building at Porte de Versailles – defined by architect Jean-Michel Willemotte’s sculptural plan – is a hotel with 149 bedrooms created by French designer Patrick Norguet, who also designed the interiors of the other nine hotels located throughout France.

For the Porte de Versailles hotel, Norguet created spaces that are both comfortable and functional, but in a contemporary style, satisfying the needs of even the most modern flâneurs.

The French designer chose Slimtech slabs by Lea Ceramiche for the wall coverings in the hotel’s bedrooms and bathrooms. A play of vertical lines run along the entire length of the imposing 3m x 1m slabs, imparting evocative colors and tones in modern and elegant environments. Slimtech is the latest in laminated porcelain stoneware and the result of a revolutionary tile compacting technology. It is proposed in the Lines Collection with a unique graphic pattern designed by Norguet, which is then created with a new digital printing technique.

The 3,5 mm thick slabs, thanks to their light weight (a 1m x 1m slab with a thickness of 3mm weighs only 7 kgs), their resistance (through an exclusive mesh of reinforced fibreglass), and their functionality (they do not absorb stains and are resistant to both humidity and wear) perfectly meet sustainability criteria with an eco-friendly production process, which includes the raw materials used and the emissions generated.