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Slimtech RE-evolution

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Elisa Ossino Studio for Elle Decor Italia

Slimtech by Lea Ceramiche decorates Ceragino, the kitchen by Sanwa Company on display at La Rinascente in Milan from 6 to 14 June

A kitchen block entirely covered by Slimtech ultrathin slab by Lea Ceramiche was showcased in the window display at La Rinascente in Milan from 6 to 14 June. This initiative was organized in partnership with the magazine Elle Decor Italia.

The kitchen block was made by the Sanwa Company, a Japanese company that designs and produces materials and products for living spaces, with particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom areas and to the field of elegant coatings and finishes. Ceragino “small size” stands out because it expresses the best in Japanese technology and the essential style, typical of the tradition of the country.

The Slimtech slabs from the RE-evolution collection by Lea Ceramiche cover the entire block. The large size (up to 3m x 1m) and the extreme lightness of the reduced thickness (3,5 mm), make it possible to cover the total surface, thus communicating extreme functionality, clean lines and detailed finishes. The ease, with which it is possible to cut modules and holes, widens the range of applications of thin laminated porcelain. No longer just for floors and walls, Slimtech can cover any surface becoming a transverse material for any interior design or architecture project.

Rinascente – Piazza Duomo, Milano 

Blow Up Kitchen & Bathroom

Concept & Project: Elisa Ossino Studio for Elle Decor Italia

Photo: Paolo Bramati