LEA CERAMICHE’s Italian design is conquering China. Starting from Guangdong

The Chinese want Italian design: both the big spenders, super rich billionaires looking for luxury goods, and the newly emerging upper middle class are increasingly looking for products that are very high-quality, that boast a distinct style and that are completely made in Italy. This, along with shared views and distribution policies, is the basis of the new agreement between Lea Ceramiche and HBI Ceramiche, an important and prestigious Asian partner, regarding the import and marketing of Lea products in the Chinese market.



The operation involves the launch of the new HBI Ceramiche brand and the opening of 20 showrooms starting next year. The Lea Ceramiche products, that will be distributed, will be mainly centred around the revolutionary Slimtech series, the laminated stoneware in ultra-thin (3.5, 5.5 and 6mm thickness) and oversized (up to 100x300cm and 120x260cm) sizes, the maximum expression of quality, technological research and design. Indeed, many Lea collections are designed by international designers: the latest, in order of appearance, is Slimtech Concreto by Fabio Novembre, which was recently presented in FOSHAN’s showroom (in GUANGDONG province) with a major installation.

For Lea Ceramiche, which is already present in the Far East with several projects, including Singapore airport and the Sai Wan Ho towers in Hong Kong, the new agreement represents a further significant step in the brand’s export strategies, increasing its international distribution.