Lea Ceramiche @ Cersaie 2018 Discovering the second nature of materials

Bologna, September 2018


The constant attention to aesthetics and design is proof of the creative soul of Lea Ceramiche and its passion for constantly experimenting with new styles and techniques, to re-read the past and project it into the future using new technologies. Technical expertise, experimentation and cutting-edge technologies are the keys to success and the basis of the company’s research which is dedicated to producing ceramic surfaces, used in both the residential and architectural sectors, not only for their aesthetic value, but also for their functional characteristics, strength, durability and ease of maintenance.



“The second nature of materials” is the concept for the Cersaie 2018 stand, which has been designed, once again, by Diego Grandi. It reflects the dialogue between ceramic materials and architecture through rationalistic, physical concepts. The surfaces evoke primary materials present in nature, such as wood, stone or cement, extraordinarily reinterpreted to create a new, individual identity: a second nature, in fact. At the top end of the sophisticated product range are the most exclusive collections, the creative work of international designers. In this productive partnership, the company, with its know-how and advanced technology, has always been able to provide support and expertise for the design concepts.

At this 2018 edition of the event in Bologna, the important new products are Slimtech Delight and Bio Select