ICFF & HD Expo 2018 for Lea North America

In May, Lea North America participated in two events which were a great success amongst the public, Las Vegas with HD Expo 2018 (May 2-4) and New York for ICFF (May 20-23), at the Javits Convention Center. Lea Ceramiche staff enjoys these opportunities to meet its customers and give a face to the brand.

Four collections were exhibited: Slimtech Concreto, Nextone, Slimtech Take Care and Slimtech Timeless Marble.


Slimtech Concreto is the new tile line developed through collaboration with Fabio Novembre, which explores the theme of concrete with a hyper-realistic representation of cement surfaces. An innovative and refined collection that can be adapted to any architectural and design context, for unique spaces with a strong narrative value.

Nextone is a collection of traditional thickness which achieves an engineered stone effect. Combining stones from four different quarries, whose characteristics are fused together, and adding original graphic designs, creates a stone which doesn’t exist in nature, but has a natural aesthetic quality and a very balanced effect.

Consisting of two apparently different surfaces, Slimtech Take Care is the result of a harmonious interchange. In Take, we see the continuous spatula finish between the resin and the cement, enriched by materials with varying reflective qualities. The finish is soft, almost velvety and depending on the type of light, can have an iridescent effect. Care has a more hybrid identity, like a natural fabric reworked to give a more tactile effect.

The preciousness of marble is brought to life with the revolutionary and impressive Slimtech Timeless Marble tiles. This collection surprises with the precision and attention to the finest details of designs that stand out on large tiles which are 5.5mm thick.