MARCHIO CEThe CE mark is the safety product certification required by EU and it is finalized to preserve the people’s health and the goods in buildings .
The new Regulation UE N. 305/2011 is valid from the first of July 2013. The most important news is the introduction of the Declaration Of Performance (DOP) with which the supplier communicates the safety requirements concerning own materials.

The declarations of performance CE mark are available in Italian, English, French and German for all Lea Ceramiche products.



ITA_DOP001 Lea – Gres Porcellanato

ITA_DOP002 Lea – Rivestimento

ITA_DOP003 Lea – Slimtech 3mm

ITA_DOP004 Lea – Slimtech 3Plus

ITA_DOP005 Lea – Slimtech 5Plus

ITA_DOP006 Lea – Slimtech 6mm



ENG_DOP001 Lea – Porcelain tile

ENG_DOP002 Lea – Wall tile

ENG_DOP003 Lea – Slimtech 3mm

ENG_DOP004 Lea – Slimtech 3Plus

ENG_DOP005 Lea – Slimtech 5Plus

ENG_DOP006 Lea – Slimtech 6mm



FRA_DOP001 Lea – Grès Cérame

FRA_DOP002 Lea – Revetements

FRA_DOP003 Lea – Slimtech 3mm

FRA_DOP004 Lea – Slimtech 3Plus

FRA_DOP005 Lea – Slimtech 5Plus

FRA_DOP006 Lea – Slimtech 6mm



GER_DOP001 Lea – Feinsteinzeug

GER_DOP002 Lea – Wandfliesen

GER_DOP003 Lea – Slimtech 3mm

GER_DOP004 Lea – Slimtech 3Plus

GER_DOP005 Lea – Slimtech 5Plus

GER_DOP006 Lea – Slimtech 6mm