Environmental certification EMAS for production sites

EMASEC Regulation no. 1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council introduced the EMAS eco-management and audit scheme for organisations. Lea Ceramiche benefits from Registration EMAS for the Toano (RE) production site (Number Registration I – 000239 on date 30th September 2004), for the Finale Emilia (MO) production site (Number Registration I – 000309 on date 14th April 2005) and for the Fiorano Modenese (MO) production site (Number Registration I – 000401 on date 15th December 2005). This registration is of major importance, since it requires a proper Environmental Management System to be created, based on the continual improvement of environmental performance within organisations. The scheme is based on the creation of an open dialogue with local institutions (Agencies, Authorities, Associations, Trade Union Representatives, Schools, Press) and with the public, and it is expected that all employees will play an active part. The Environmental Statement is the end document that describes the environmental and safety aspects in the workplace, the environmental performance of the site and the environmental targets that the Company sets itself within the framework of continual improvement. The statement is validated by an Accredited Environmental Verifier, following audits carried out in the plant, it’s also available on the website www.ceramichelea.it. Lea Ceramiche, caring for environment protection, produces its tiles in its plants Panariagroup, that obtained two environmental certifications ISO 14001 and the Registration EMAS. This proves the great attention and sensitiveness of our management towards ethic, environmental, and safety issues.

pdf logoCertificato EMAS Finale Emilia

pdf logoCertificato EMAS Fiorano

pdf logoCertificato EMAS Toano