Creativity in Performance @ Fuorisalone 2017


The first week of April was a very busy one for LEA Ceramiche that, through different languages, reflected the brand values ​in the Creativity in Performance project.

More than a title, the expression Creativity in Performance indicates the recognised vocation of Lea Ceramiche for interconnecting complex industrial challenges with creative avant-garde inventions. It also sums up the spirit of a project that is constant and open and which, for the Fuori Salone part of the 2017 Milan Design Week, was expressed in two different interpretations as a pair of complementary display installations: In Transition curated by Philippe Nigro, in this Milanese company’s own display space, and In Factory curated by Diego Grandi, at an art space in the Brera District.

With IN TRANSITION, which name alludes to transportation but also to a passage; something that is moving towards something else, Nigro created an installation that takes the mystification even further by wrapping the sheets of laminated stoneware with the Filigrane décor – characterized by discrete geometric texture, both for the shape of its design and for its colorful tones – in the characteristic packaging used for shifting marble.

The identity of matter; is the starting point of IN FACTORY. Material Landscape, the exhibition in via Palermo 11 a Diego Grandi’s concept, curated by Porzia Bergamasco, and done in collaboration with another company, Zucchetti.Kos. Here a hypothetical exchange of relations and affinity is orchestrated, through the evocation of the distinct production processes of clay and brass – that characterize the products and innovations of Lea Ceramiche and Zucchetti.Kos – that reveal their potential when meeting design and architecture.

As a whole the project CREATIVITY IN PERFORMANCE highlights the capacity to summarize, through industry and technology, an artistic and imaginary world. An attitude that is the foundation of the collections and projects by Lea Ceramiche. This is an approach where style and performance always coincide.