Lea Green

The protection and respect of the environment are some of the values that have always distinguished Lea Ceramiche.
In all sectors for years, the attention paid to ecology and the protection of the environment have increased with responsible social-economical development projects capable of safeguarding the planet.
Lea Ceramiche respects the environment and creates eco-compatible products as we believe a modern and advanced design is based upon the respect for places, spaces and the persons who live and interact within them.

Lea Ceramiche is proud of being recognized at international level, not only for the attention that it gives to the improvement, study and control of the various phases of its production process, but also and above all for the constant commitment towards the protection of the environment.
This constant attention to ecology has always been a part of Lea Ceramiche, even before the respect for the environment became a social responsibility for everybody. It is a vocation that is part of the company’s DNA and is a concrete demonstration that technological innovation and protection of the planet can co-exist as values of the same company.

Lea Ceramiche’s staff is an active part of this company’s creed. Each individual person is careful to ensure that the environment is respected at each single phase of the products’ life-cycle, working in an optimum work environment.

Lea Ceramiche’s production system is an eco-compatible industrial process; each individual phase, from the selection of raw materials to the disposal of residues has been studied and planned to sustain the environment.
The company decisively invests in the best technologies on the market to keep environmental impact of its own activities to a minimum.

Lea Ceramiche and indeed all brands appertaining to the Panaria Group produce their collections in factories under the certified environmental management control ISO 14001:2004 (Certiquality) and furthermore adhere to the European Community’s ECOMANAGEMENT system that conforms to the CE 1221/2009 EMAS Regulation. Maintaining the product characteristics is ensured by the Quality Management System activated by Lea Ceramiche and certified in accordance with the UNI-EN ISO 9001/2000 standard.


Lea Ceramiche protects the environment

Lea Ceramiche’s incessant strive for excellence has led us to respect the following principles when dealing with the environment.

The totality of the non fired material, which does not comply with our high quality standards, is reused in the production cycle. As these products are not yet fired, they can be reinserted in the initial phases of the production cycle. Recycling of this waste also reduces the need of raw materials.

On the other hand the fired material cannot be recycled into the production cycle. For this reason all fired material is recycled externally and used in the construction industry. These waste products are used as a foundation in the construction of roads – this reduces the need of the natural resources which are commonly used for this purpose.

The totality of the non ceramic waste is differentiated and recycled externally.

The production of tiles requires important amounts of water. So as to safeguard this precious resource LEA CERAMICHE recycles 100% of waste water from the production cycle. This allows the reduction of water consumption by 60%. None of the water used in the pr oduction cycle is discharged into the ecosystem.

LEA CERAMICHE complies strictly to Italian Standards (cfr Post-Kyoto Protocol negotiations on greenhouse gas emissions). The strive for excellence has led us to invest in high quality technology that keeps our emissions 10 times inferior the allowed limits.

Through a complex piping system LEA CERAMICHE manages to conserve the heat emitted during the firing process and reuses it in the preparation of the mix used for the body – this reduces the need in methane by 25%.

The materials used for the packing of LEA CERAMICHE porducts are completely recyclable. These materials include carton boxes, plastic materials, wooden pallets, etc.

For shipments LEA CERAMICHE uses debarked pallets (DB), in accordance with the IPPC / FAO ISPM 15 standards. This is a further warranty for the forest safeguard of countries importing LEA CERAMICHE products.


Lea Ceramiche: a sustainable global approach

From its birth, Lea Ceramiche, amongst the most vivacious brand names of the Modena ceramic district and part of the PANARIAGROUP Industrie Ceramiche Spa is dedicated to the continuous improvement of production processes and the performance of high-design content products in a constant commitment addressed to environmental protection.Convinced that modern companies and the most innovative projects cannot leave out sustainability as an integral part of the process, Lea Ceramiche pays particular attention to environmentalperformance at each stage of the life cycle of a product. From the research for raw materials to the quality of work spaces and to the packaging utilized: every moment and process is studied and optimized to safeguard energy and materials by the use of the best available technologies.

Lea Ceramiche’s products are manufactured in factories with a certified Environment Management System according to ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS standards that foresees a guaranteed excellence of environmental protection and also the protection of natural resources, the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of products and production sites and in the maximum attention given to the health and safety of Lea Ceramiche’s employees.

Furthermore, amongst the first in the ceramic sector, Lea Ceramiche is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council organization of America that promotes the construction of buildings and works that respect the environment and also the health and wellbeing of the persons who live and work in them. With its products and production sites, Lea Ceramiche contributes to obtaining LEED certification, the rating system devised by the U.S. Green Building Council. Apart from being the standard most utilized by private companies and public administrations in America, LEED is becoming the most-acknowledged reference for the planning, construction and management of high-performance buildings in more than 40 countries in the World. Lea Ceramiche is proud to be acknowledged at international level, not only for the attention it has always paid to the improvement, study and control of the various phases of the production process, but also and above all for the constant commitment addressed to environmental protection. An attention to sustainability that “is a part of the company’s DNA, a demonstration of how technological innovation and protection of the planet can live together as values of the same company that is decisive to take up the challenge of an ever-innovative production, even though it respects the requirements of the environment and future generations”, asserts Emilio Mussini, Managing Director of Lea Ceramiche.