Calacatta Shine

Bianco Statuario

Romance Safari

Over the last year, Lea Ceramiche has conducted extensive research in materials and glazes, achieving depth and brightness, in order to reproduce the sensations of the surfaces of precious quarry marbles.

The LEA FULL HD digital decorating technology has managed, in these two years, to develop colours and shades which are typical of Apuan marble. The result is a new dream like collection: Dreaming.


30×60 CM 12"x24" IN
60×60 CM 24"x24" IN
73x73 CM 29"x29" IN
75×75 CM 30"x30" IN
58x116 CM 23"x46" IN
60×120 CM 24"x48" IN


Mosaico Basic - Calacatta Shine

30 x 30 CM 12 x 12 IN

Mosaico Basic - Bianco Statuario

30 x 30 CM 12 x 12 IN

Mosaico Basic - Crystal White

30 x 30 CM 12 x 12 IN

Mosaico Basic - Romance Safari

30 x 30 CM 12 x 12 IN

Mosaico Basic - Gray Stone

30 x 30 CM 12 x 12 IN

Scraps Bianco

60 x 60 CM 24 x 24 IN

Scraps Gray

60 x 60 CM 24 x 24 IN



10x60 CM 4 x 24 IN

Gradino plus

35x60 CM 13 3/4 x 24 IN

Angolo sx/dx gradino plus

35x35 CM 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 IN

Raccordo jolly

1,3x30 CM 1/2 x 12 IN

Beak jolly

1,3x2 CM 1/2 x 3/4 IN

Angolo sx/dx gradino plus

35x35 CM 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 IN


Other downloads
DREAMING - ecofriendly_technology+leed_credits

DREAMING - ecofriendly_technology+leed_credits

LEA_Brochure_marmi +2

LEA_Brochure_marmi +2


Technical info


Colored-ody glazed porcelain

Recommended joint for interior applications

2 mm


10 mm - 11 mm




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