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Cliffstone is the interpretation of a rocky stone that does not exist in nature but has been reinvented creatively by Lea Ceramiche. The peculiarity of the design is defined by the presence of different finishes and the wide selection of sizes.


30×60 CM 12"x24" IN
60×60 CM 24"x24" IN
90×90 CM 36"x36" IN
60×120 CM 24"x48" IN


Muretto White Dover lapp.

30x60 CM 12x24 IN

Muretto Beige Maderia lapp.

30x60 CM 12x24 IN

Muretto Taupe Moher lapp.

30x60 CM 12x24 IN

Muretto Grey Tenerife lapp.

30x60 CM 12x24 IN

Mosaico 16 White Dover lapp.

30x30 CM 12x12 IN

Mosaico 16 Beige Maderia lapp.

30x30 CM 12x12 IN

Mosaico 16 Taupe Moher lapp.

30x30 CM 12x12 IN

Mosaico 16 Grey Tenerife lapp.

30x30 CM 12x12 IN



10x60 CM 4 x 24 IN

Gradino plus

35x120 CM 13 3/4 x 48 IN

Angolo dx gradino plus

35x120 CM 13 3/4 x 48 IN

Angolo sx gradino plus

35x120 CM 13 3/4 x 48 IN

Gradino Plus grip

35x60 CM 13 3/4 x 24 IN

Angolo gradino plus grip

35x35 CM 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 IN


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CLIFFSTONE - ecofriendly_technology+leed_credits

CLIFFSTONE - ecofriendly_technology+leed_credits


Technical info


Gres tutta massa UGL

Recommended joint for interior applications

2 mm


10 mm - 11 mm (90x90)



Shading variations

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