Naive Slimtech by Patrick Norguet given the Special Mention of the German Design Award 2017


Naive Slimtech, the Lea Ceramiche collection designed by Patrick Norguet, received the Special Mention of the German Design Award 2017 in the “Materials and Surfaces” category.

Naive is inspired by avant-garde technology. It is the meeting point between design and technology, between craftsmanship and industry, between porcelain stoneware and glaze. It stands out for its nearly three-dimensional surface texture, obtained using an innovative technology based on glazes. The patterns reproduced create a bas-relief design, a series of lines which emphasize the depth of the material and create a floating graphic effect, that has a pleasant feel and appearance.

Naive is created with modules of ultra-thin laminated porcelain, 5.5mm thick. The slabs, in a record format of 3m x 1m, are produced without the use of molds and are then cut. Beginning with the careful selection of the raw materials and using revolutionary and sustainable technology, Naive Slimtech is a solution that combines aesthetic features and incomparable techniques: robust and durable, easy to cut into any shape, it can be applied to both walls and floors.

The major awards in 2016, for Naive Slimtech by Patrick Norguet from the German Design Award and the Special Mention at the XXIV Compasso d’Oro ADI awarded to Type 32 Slimtech by Diego Grandi, highlight and acknowledge the commitment and the choices undertaken by Lea Ceramiche towards careful technical and technological research, without neglecting the aesthetic and functional aspect of the products.

The official award ceremony of the German Design Award 2017 will take place in Frankfurt as part of the Environment 2017 fair.